Cheer safety experts agree that incorporating  basic safety guidelines into cheer programs will reduce the risk of potentially serious and catastrophic injuries in cheerleaders who stunt and tumble.

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According to the data documented in the 25th Catastrophic Injury Report published by Dr. Fred Mueller from the University of North Carolina, cheerleading is now the most dangerous sport for female athletes (2009). 

The reason - Safety guidelines have not kept up with the increase in stunting and tumbling performed by both sideline and competitive cheerleading squads.

Top 5 Reasons for the Increase in Catastrophic Injuries:

  1. Inexperienced coaches not trained and experienced in how to safely progress gymnastic-type stunts and tumbling.
  2. Athletes attempting stunts and tumbling that they are not physically prepared and trained to do.
  3. Stunting and tumbling on hard surfaces including gym floors, grass surfaces, rubberized track, asphalt, and concrete.
  4. Coaches untrained and unprepared to act in medical emergencies including the lack of an Emergency Action Plan in the event of a serious or catastrophic injury.
  5. Failure to recognize cheerleading as a sport leading to no regulation of the cheer industry.

Resource for safety education to help reduce injuries in cheerleading.

Your Resource for Cheer Safety Education. 

Search through the articles listed on this website to find resources to improve safety in your cheer program. Protect your athletes by following the guidelines below:

  • Place the safety of your athletes first. 
  • Get quality training for yourself and your program.
  • Follow careful progressions before stunting or tumbling.
  • Stunt on safe surfaces (protective padding and spring-loaded floors)
  • Be prepared by having a plan in the event of an emergency. 
  • Be current in CPR/First Aid/AED

Reducing catastrophic injuries in cheerleaders who stunt and tumble is a passion and area of research for Dr. Terry A. Zeigler, Professor in Kinesiology, Vanguard University of California.  Dr. Zeigler is also a practicing Certified Athletic Trainer specializing in the recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.